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Unicoi Energy Services (UES) provides consulting and project development services for biomass facilities and projects, including services relative to realization of production tax credits, grants, and loans for electricity and alternative fuels projects, and program development and consulting services for the sale of environmental attributes, renewable fuels and for the sale and/or acquisition of used biomass equipment. Unicoi markets used biomass and other generation equipment and locates used generation equipment for biomass projects. 

UES purchases, markets, and sells Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from biomass facilities and provides services in support of clients for this purpose, including technical, accounting, marketing, contracts, and reporting services, with emphasis on complex Combined Heat and Power (“CHP”) systems involving multiple power plants, fuels, and turbine generators.

Operational highlights and services include:

  • Sale of Distributed Controls System (DCS) sized for 100MW CCG facility, and marketing of water, emissions, and fuel treatment systems and recovery boiler.
  • Appraisal and valuation of biomass power plants – valuations of pulp & paper and sawmill power islands, including recovery boiler and materials handling systems as applicable.
  • Location and pricing of used biomass power plant and generating equipment.
  • Project management of RFP process for construction and operation of +20MW biomass facility in Louisiana.
  • Preparation of pro forma financial documents and investors’ memos in support of greenfield biomass projects and various power plant upgrades and modifications.
  • Equity interest in thermal gasification biomass facility in Alabama.
  • Sale of over 2,000,000 Renewable Energy Certificates or “Green Tags” to variety of government and commercial customers, representing 2 million megawatt hours of renewable generation.
  • EPA contract required annual third-party audit performed by Environmental Resources Trust and was announced by EPA as follows: 
Unicoi Energy Services

January 2005 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has entered into a three-year agreement with Unicoi Energy Services to purchase 100 million kWh of renewable energy certificates (RECs) annually for its Research Triangle Park (RTP) complex in North Carolina. The RECs will be sourced from a pulp and paper plant using biomass resources in Georgia. The contract nearly triples the size of previous purchases for the RTP complex and represents the largest green power purchase yet by EPA, which now purchases 220 million kWh of green power annually for its facilities nationwide—enough to meet about 78% of the agency's total electricity needs.
  • At request of Center for Resource Solutions, provided technical and other supporting data relative to eligibility of wood waste and other mill residues, including lignin and related combustion technologies, in support of revised the Green-e National Standard.
  • Established and successfully administered REC sales programs at facilities subject to Green-e annual audits. 
  • Provided consulting services regarding PPAs, including clauses to reserve renewable attributes to generator and address changes in laws regarding potential RPS and Cap and Trade programs.
  • Research on regulations applicable to distributed generation and related sale of electricity in regulated and unregulated markets.
  • Worked with US and European certifying entities to obtain agreement from all stakeholders that certain environmental reporting in regard to export to European Union of manufactured products from US facilities did not conflict with sale of RECs in US.
  • Obtained Repowering approval under Green-e Repowering criteria for pulp and paper facility based on boiler replacements in order to qualify facility for sale of Green-e eligible RECs in voluntary markets.
  • Prepared O & M and fuel purchase agreements for biomass projects.
  • Negotiated and administered EPCM contract for refurbishment of 20MW biomass plant including conversion to BFB and updated air systems.

Unicoi is affiliated with International Applied Engineering, Inc. (IAE), a consulting engineering firm with expertise in design, construction, and development of industrial steam and power plants, with particular emphasis in biomass boilers and gasification systems.  IAE was formed in 1992 to acquire the US assets and customer base of Fichtner Engineering, a German engineering firm.  IAE’s planning and engineering disciplines include materials handling, environmental, mechanical, civil, chemical, structural, electrical, power and process engineering.  Additionally, staff capabilities include environmental permitting, economic and financial analysis, project development and procurement services, and management consulting.  IAE has specific expertise in the enhancement of existing biomass boilers with modern airflow technologies to improve their operation as gasifiers and increase capacity while reducing emissions. 

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